Vintage Detail: Bows

As I make my way through the vaults of classic movies, every once in a while I notice a particular element or detail cropping up again and again across the board- fur, rhinestones, and bows for example. I thought it would be fun to pick a theme and follow it for a bit, then give … Continue reading

How-To: Authentic Retro Circle Skirts II: Half-Full

Here is a second tutorial if you, like me, are a female who is shorter and/or a bit curvier. A really full skirt (like the full circle skirt in my previous post) can make me feel stumpy, so I generally prefer skirts with a slimmer profile. Never fear, a circle skirt can still meet your … Continue reading

Have a Very Cheeky Valentine’s Day!

OK- you’ve got just a few days to go until Valentine’s Day and I’ve thought of a few ideas that could potentially be fun for you and/ or your special one, and could be done up very quickly. I’ll go through the ideas in order, breakfast through dessert; some of the ideas are more vintage than … Continue reading

How To: Authentic Retro Circle Skirts (Post #1)

Circle skirts have been around for a long time, and they were a particular staple in the ’50s. The iconic poodle skirts are simply donuts of fabric where the inner circle is the waist band and the outer circle is the hemline. Below are some then and now pictures of circle skirts. If you want a … Continue reading

Get What You See: My Favorite Wife

First things first- the mother of all accessories. I think I am going to explore this further in a separate how-to post. I have a book, Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan, that I will probably use as a starting point. I’ll try to gether my materials in the next week or two and see … Continue reading

How To: Gilda Applique

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had at least a minor ability to identify what I want, and then get it. I’m sure it goes back to the fact that I’m the youngest of five daughters. One might even call me a Daddy’s Girl, if my dad would ever have accepted such a thing. I can … Continue reading

How to get what you see: Gilda

What an inspiration this movie was! There is a ton of ground to cover here since my original post had so many images. If you want the total look, you clearly need to start with the hair. I’m sorry to say I can’t help you there. I have hopelessly curly hair. If you want a Shirley … Continue reading

Gilda, 1946

“Pardon me, but your husband is showing.” I love, love, love this movie. I now have a major girl-crush on Rita Hayworth, and we just might binge on her movies here for the next little while. Did you know that Gilda is the movie showing in Shawshank Redemption when Dufresne requests his Rita Hayworth poster?  I can … Continue reading