Vintage Detail: Bows

As I make my way through the vaults of classic movies, every once in a while I notice a particular element or detail cropping up again and again across the board- fur, rhinestones, and bows for example. I thought it would be fun to pick a theme and follow it for a bit, then give … Continue reading

The Four Musketeers, 1975

“Hm. One should be carefuly what one writes” Cardinal Richelieu I had forgotten that I put this movie in my Netflix queue, so I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up in my mailbox. Since the movie takes place in the early to mid 17th Century, I wasn’t really anticipating finding great fashion inspiration. In terms … Continue reading

How to get what you see: Nicholas and Alexandra

This movie progressed from the birth of Alexei in 1904 through the family execution in 1918. Since this is a movie about Royals, the clothes and accessories are sumptuous, especially in contrast with the frequent clashes with the unwashed masses clothed in rags. Daywear for the wealthy in this period is extremely modest, and can only … Continue reading

Nicholas & Alexandra

“A strong man has no need of power, and a weak man is destroyed by it.” I do not claim to be a film critic or a movie buff, and I openly admit I am currently choosing my movies based on the potential for great hair, clothes, and accessories. For a bit of background, this … Continue reading