Vintage Detail: Bows

As I make my way through the vaults of classic movies, every once in a while I notice a particular element or detail cropping up again and again across the board- fur, rhinestones, and bows for example. I thought it would be fun to pick a theme and follow it for a bit, then give … Continue reading

Have a Very Cheeky Valentine’s Day!

OK- you’ve got just a few days to go until Valentine’s Day and I’ve thought of a few ideas that could potentially be fun for you and/ or your special one, and could be done up very quickly. I’ll go through the ideas in order, breakfast through dessert; some of the ideas are more vintage than … Continue reading

How To: Authentic Retro Circle Skirts (Post #1)

Circle skirts have been around for a long time, and they were a particular staple in the ’50s. The iconic poodle skirts are simply donuts of fabric where the inner circle is the waist band and the outer circle is the hemline. Below are some then and now pictures of circle skirts. If you want a … Continue reading

Attack of the Puppet People, 1958

TERROR COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES! DOLL DWARFS VERSUS THE CRUSHING GIANT BEASTS! I’ve been talking about this movie forever, I know. I love really bad horror movies, especially if they are old, and this one seemed to fit the bill when Netflix recommended it for my Instant Queue. Hello– look at the poster and tag … Continue reading

All About Eve, 1950

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!  (Yes, this movie gave us that quote) In this movie, Margo (Betty Davis) is an aging actress trying to hold on to her youth, career, and boyfriend. In the process, she takes in Eve Harrington, a starstruck wren of a fan, as a live-in assistant … Continue reading