Fashion Goddess: Resort, Spring/Summer, and Pre-Fall 2012

Now that there are three fashion cycles where there used to be just one, there is a lot more to sort through for a post like this! Resort used be just a blip between the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter runways, with a few designers showing 10-20 looks designed for frolicking aboard a cruise ship. 2012 saw more than … Continue reading

Attack of the Puppet People, 1958

TERROR COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES! DOLL DWARFS VERSUS THE CRUSHING GIANT BEASTS! I’ve been talking about this movie forever, I know. I love really bad horror movies, especially if they are old, and this one seemed to fit the bill when Netflix recommended it for my Instant Queue. Hello– look at the poster and tag … Continue reading

Catching Up – Again

I just realized it has been more than 6 months since my last post- that is shameful! I’ve left all sorts of things unresolved, including that promised safari brooch (the elements are in a bin under my guest bed); the Attack of the Puppet People review (I have most of the screenshots done, but no … Continue reading

Get What You See: All About Eve

We’re going to do things a bit differently this time around- there were so many looks in my Review post that I’m a bit nervous to go look-by-look. There’s just too much ground to cover. Instead, I’m going to approach this by doing a combination of character/ situation how-tos. Links to the original images and … Continue reading

Catching Up

I know it has been FOREVER since I’ve posted anything new- I apologize! And I hope to get back on track soon. I got word in mid-March that my husband and I are relocating to LA in June and I was quickly consumed by the demands of prepping our house for sale, getting it listed, sold, … Continue reading

Get What You See: The Lady From Shanghai

First up- the polka dot dress Rita wore for her carriage ride through the park. The important details are: short sleeves that are dolman-draped and caped in the back, sweetheart neckline, belt loop design detail at the true waist, and semi-full skirt. My initial thoughts on the sleeves are this: find a dress pattern that … Continue reading

All About Eve, 1950

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!  (Yes, this movie gave us that quote) In this movie, Margo (Betty Davis) is an aging actress trying to hold on to her youth, career, and boyfriend. In the process, she takes in Eve Harrington, a starstruck wren of a fan, as a live-in assistant … Continue reading

How To: Gilda Applique

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had at least a minor ability to identify what I want, and then get it. I’m sure it goes back to the fact that I’m the youngest of five daughters. One might even call me a Daddy’s Girl, if my dad would ever have accepted such a thing. I can … Continue reading

The Lady From Shanghai, 1947

 It’s a bright, guilty world. I waited far too long to watch this- it’s the only other Rita Hayworth film I had in my instant queue and I kept getting distracted by other things. I must say, it is nothing what I expected- this is true film noir, and Rita has short, blond hair! Referring to … Continue reading

The Four Musketeers, 1975

“Hm. One should be carefuly what one writes” Cardinal Richelieu I had forgotten that I put this movie in my Netflix queue, so I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up in my mailbox. Since the movie takes place in the early to mid 17th Century, I wasn’t really anticipating finding great fashion inspiration. In terms … Continue reading