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Site Reincarnation!

I would say that I’m resurrecting my blog, but I think it’s more accurate to say that I will be reincarnating. I’m transferring over to a new website and getting a face lift! All of my older posts will be at the new site, and I will still have all the content you love (classic … Continue reading

Shameless Self-Promotion

So, I’m having a good time watching movies, researching patterns, doing my sewing, and writing this blog. Are you having a good time reading along? If so- subscribe to me, like me, forward me along to your friends who might enjoy this too! When I post a how-to post, go back to the original movie … Continue reading

Harper’s Bazaar, March 2010 Experienced 20Feb10

I have really been loving Chanel’s most recent ads with the bejeweled hair and Hepburn-esque LBDs. The first ad in this HB features one of my most favorite things- a poppy! Hooray for spring! This is a silk poppy on a purse and I want it. I adore the metal bugle-bead exoskeleton look that Gucci … Continue reading

Marie Claire Oct09, experienced 30Sep09

I actually paid for Marie Claire for this installment- I saw it on the stand and it was so lovely and bright and yellow, and the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shows are underway, but it feels like Fall outside, so I couldn’t resist this bit of sunshine. I can’t recall ever looking through a Marie Claire … Continue reading

Vogue Oct09 issue, experienced 28Sep09

I haven’t actually flipped through a Vogue in months, so my expectations for amusement in this issue were only so-so. Perhaps I’ll call this installment, “Things I learned by reading Vogue”. Apparently people really can tell I’m wearing Chanel mascara just by looking at my eyelashes. Karl Lagerfeld paid for three double-page ads to convince … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome! This all started when I was experiencing the September 2009 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and I was overwhelmed by the malevolence that must have been behind their assertions that every woman belongs in pleated, slouchy, high-waisted trousers. I believe that our return to the 80s marks the beginning of a fashion apocalypse, and as the … Continue reading