About Me

Welcome! I’m a 30ish woman with a serious fashion obsession. I love to sew, and I’m slowly building my collection of vintage patterns; I am also the gleeful owner of a relatively huge fabric stash. I tell myself I can buy no more fabric until I complete three projects, but that never really works out for me. I get my inspiration for sewing from a number of sources including vintage movies of all genres, fashion magazines, and the seasonal runway shows. While I don’t consider myself either a trendsetter or a slave to trends, I believe that my personal style evolves a little more each day. If I had to define my style, I would say I lean towards a more traditional, classic style, perhaps with a minimalist bent. My favorite designers are Carolina Herrera, Francisco Costa (Calvin Klein), Barbara Tfank, and Oscar de la Renta.

I’m getting more and more adventurous with my sewing now- altering and combining patterns, and figuring out my own techniques for duplicating whatever I see that I want. In addition to my fabric piles, I also have a fairly extensive library on sewing techniques, historical styles, and fabric properties/ manipulation. Some of my very favorite books are listed in the right sidebar- and that list is constantly subject to change, depending on my mood and current obsession. My life’s motto is that everyone should know everything about something, and something about everything, so in that vein, I am always trying on new hobbies; this year I’m hoping to tackle some couture sewing techniques, and leather working.


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