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    How-To: Bianca's Combo Hand-Warmer & Purse
    Topkapi, 1964
    How-To: 1920s Deco Dresses
    Vintage Detail: Bows

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    NY and London Fashion Weeks are over! That leaves Milan, Paris, LA, Tokyo, and Berlin. I'm already pretty fired up about the coverage I saw in NY, and London always has something worth trying to pull off. I'm looking forward to putting up another Fashion Goddess post soon!


Oh no! That link didn’t take you to the right post. Totally my fault šŸ˜¦ Please visit here to see my May post for Sewing By Ti.

Site Reincarnation!

I would say that I’m resurrecting my blog, but I think it’s more accurate to say that I will be reincarnating. I’m transferring over to a new website and getting a face lift! All of my older posts will be at the new site, and I will still have all the content you love (classic … Continue reading

Vintage Detail: Bows

As I make my way through the vaults of classic movies, every once in a while I notice a particular element or detail cropping up again and again across the board- fur, rhinestones, and bows for example. I thought it would be fun to pick a theme and follow it for a bit, then give … Continue reading

Get What You See: Diary of a Lost Girl

In my Review post, I showed a ton of dresses, then boiled the key points down to 5 basic elements, to reiterate, they are: The fabrics are incredibly lightweight, but present in high volume and layers. That also means loads and loads of skin showing through the dresses- arms, necks, and legs. Asymmetry, especially in … Continue reading

Diary of a Lost Girl, 1929

Diary of a Lost Girl offers fascinating insight intoĀ the late 20s/ eary 30s culture in Germany. [Spoiler] The basic plot follows Thymian (Louise Brooks) a young girl who has an unfortunate tendency to pass out at inopportune moments. The first, on her 17th birthday, results inĀ her rape and resulting pregnancy. When she refuses to marry … Continue reading

How-To: Authentic Retro Circle Skirts II: Half-Full

Here is a second tutorial if you, like me, are a female who is shorter and/or a bit curvier. A really full skirt (like the full circle skirt in my previous post) can make me feel stumpy, so I generally prefer skirts with a slimmer profile. Never fear, a circle skirt can still meet your … Continue reading

Have a Very Cheeky Valentine’s Day!

OK- you’ve got just a few days to go until Valentine’s Day andĀ I’ve thought of a few ideas that could potentially be fun for you and/ or your special one, and could be done up very quickly. I’ll go through the ideas in order, breakfast through dessert; some of the ideas are more vintage than … Continue reading

How To: Authentic Retro Circle Skirts (Post #1)

Circle skirtsĀ have been around for a long time, and they were a particular staple in the ’50s. The iconic poodle skirts are simply donuts of fabric where the inner circle is the waist band and the outer circle is the hemline. Below are some then and now pictures of circle skirts. If you want a … Continue reading

Get What You See: My Favorite Wife

First things first- the mother of all accessories. I think I am going to explore this further in a separate how-to post. I have a book, Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan, that I will probably use as a starting point. I’ll try to gether my materials in the next week or two and see … Continue reading

Worst Daydream Ever

My Favorite Wife, 1940

“Oh, by the way, how was my funeral? … I wish I had been there.” My sister-in-law selected this movie for me, and requested that I put together a how-to post for the costumes. Now that I’m back to more regular posting, I’ll return to my normal format: one post for a review of the … Continue reading